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Manager’s Guide to Implementing Metal Additive Manufacturing in the Production Workflow


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Published on Jun 26, 2019 SKU SMP-MG-MAM-0619 Categories , , , Tag

Direct metal parts production is the single most relevant segment for business growth in the additive manufacturing (AM) industry and a key set of technologies that can be adopted by every major advanced manufacturing segment. Now the opportunities offered by this family of technologies is expanding to embrace larger industrial manufacturing segments such as the automotive, maritime and energy industries.

More and more, additive manufacturing is providing some of the best value propositions for final and replacement part production in terms of end-to-end digital manufacturing workflows, production automation, digital warehousing and many other key areas within the industry 4.0 framework.

How does metal additive manufacturing fit within each industrial segment and what are its main benefits? Which are the key metal AM technologies, hardware systems, materials and service providers? This guide intends to provide a clear, immediately accessible and up to date resource for all the information required to successfully introduce AM into a streamlined workflow in all major industrial manufacturing segments that can benefit today from these technologies.

This Manager’s Guide to Metal AM in Production Will Include:

  • A timeline and outlook for AM adoption from 1995 to 2035 and beyond.
  • A key set of questions and issues that you should consider when evaluating whether to introduce metal AM in your part production workflow
  • A complete overview of the industrial production segments that are most rapidly adopting metal AM technologies, along with key applications and value proposition
  • A detailed and in-depth description of the automated AM factory and complete end-to-end digital and additive workflow
  • A detailed analysis of all major metal AM technologies that are commercially available today, including unique features and specific benefits
  • A review of production-ready hardware systems for each major metal AM technology, including key features (build volume, energy source, laser power, etc.)
  • A discussion of the key materials that can be used in metal additive manufacturing of final parts today
  • A review of the primary software used in the additive manufacturing production workflow, from design and optimization to part finishing and product lifecycle management
  • Detailed and updated profiles of all major metal AM industry stakeholders

This report is directed toward the end user market, the companies who are active users of additive manufacturing or considering its adoption.  While suppliers of additive manufacturing may find the report useful this study differs from our related studies, Additive Manufacturing with Metal Powders 2019, Metal 3D Printing Services: Service Revenues, Printer Purchases and Materials Consumption – 2018 to 2027, and Additive Manufacturing with Metal Powders 2018, which provide broader analysis and forecasting of the addressable market for the supply chain.