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SmarTech offers customized consulting that provides clients with analysis and forecasts that go beyond what is available in our published reports. The final deliverable – in the form of a report or final presentation –offers clients strategic guidance on many aspects of their 3DP businesses.

Our Areas of Expertise


Recent examples of projects in which the SmarTech team have been able to assist clients with their strategies in the 3D Printing and functional printing space include the following examples.


SmarTech offers specialized consulting services serving the needs of the 3D Printing/additive manufacturing community.

Our coverage provides insight for those companies offering 3D printing services, materials and software sectors, as well as those that make the 3D printers and scanners themselves. And our consulting client roster includes some of the largest 3D printer firms, materials firms and investors in the world.

SmarTech’s consulting activities supports its clients better understand the size and growth potential of opportunities in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing space, the impact of new product ideas and the evolution of supply chains and value chains.

Lawrence Gasman

Founder, President

John Hornick

Senior Analyst, USA

Joris Peels

VP of Consulting

Scott Dunham

EVP of Research


Our analysts are experienced in understanding how high-technology industries – and the 3D Printing/additive manufacturing business in particular – operate with regard to marketing, business development, product design and finance. Also, they were well connected in the 3D Printing/additive community long before they came to work for SmarTech. 

In addition to authoring the most insightful market studies available, our analysts have spoken at many prestigious industry conferences such as RAPID, Additive Manufacturing Europe, Additive Aerospace and Additive Disruption.

We are the leading provider of market research and industry analysis in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector. And we have published reports on all the most important revenue opportunities in the 3D printing sector.


We bring to our consulting assignments a forecasting methodology that has been tried and tested in several high-technology industries over the past 35 years.

 We also are unique in having in-house models of the entire additive manufacturing sector with numerous breakouts and projections and are able to customize these models to the needs of our clients.


SmarTech is well embedded within the 3D Printing community and has numerous insider contacts on which it draws in order to better understand the dynamics of this rapidly evolving business.

Our contacts include business development executives, marketing and product managers, scientists and executives and include many “C” level executives in the additive manufacturing industry. We also have strong relationships with end users who help us better understand market opportunities and where they exist. Our full database of customers and contacts extends to tens of thousands of names.

In addition to conducting, executive interviews, SmarTech conducts on-line/e-mail surveys and use these as the basis for backing up an analytical study or drawing statistically valid conclusions.