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additive manufacturing dentistry

Additive Manufacturing in Dentistry 2019: An Opportunity Analysis And Ten-year Forecast


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Published on Mar 11, 2019 SKU SMP-AM-DST-0319 Category Tags ,

Dental 3D printing has grown to become one of the key focal points of the broader 3D printing industry over the last few years thanks to the potential for additive technologies to provide real production solutions to an industry that is already in the early stages of a total digital revolution. 3D printing technologies are now expected to be the catalyst for huge changes to dental care worldwide, improving the accessibility to superior digitally-driven care, and redefining the roles of dental clinics and laboratories in the future. In short, SmarTech Analysis believes that, to understand the future of dentistry is to understand the capabilities and adoption trends for 3D printing technologies for dental care.

SmarTech Analysis’ latest edition of the most popular market research study for dental 3D printing will soon become available, providing the most robust analysis of the dental 3D printing space available.

For the 2019 edition, SmarTech’s study is accompanied for the first time by a vast market database of dental 3D printing market opportunity forecast data, creating a two-piece analysis package for the dental 3D printing stakeholder community. The written report focuses on the massive competitive shakeups that will come about through the technical evolutions in vat photopolymerization and material jetting print processes, which SmarTech anticipates will create sizeable competitive casualties in the dental 3D printer space within the next ten years. The written study also provides a deeper and more robust analysis of leading 3D printing application areas in dentistry such as the market for clear dental aligners, and digital dentures made entirely via 3D printing. Want to know how growth in clear aligners affects the market for dental 3D printers ranging from vat photopolymerization, to material jetting, and beyond? The latest analysis provides application-specific market opportunity forecasts not just in terms of printed volumes of dental devices, but also for consumed hardware and materials used in the production of selected dental applications.

The written analysis is supported by the database, which features more market data on 3D printing in dentistry than ever before, spanning the complete value chain -from dental printers, to print materials, to dental print services and more. Data is available for printer unit sales, material shipments, printer installations, associated printer and material revenues, print services revenues, printed dental device volumes, by end user type (dental office versus dental laboratory), and more.