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Copper Additive Manufacturing 2020–Market Database and Outlook


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Published on May 07, 2020 SKU SMP-AMC-0520 Category Tag

As one piece of a two-part market analysis package from SmarTech Analysis, this report supplements a companion database of historical and forecasted market data and opportunities in copper additive manufacturing (AM). The report is based on SmarTech’s methodology for market modeling and forecasting of the AM industry, which have become a strategic source for comprehensive AM market metrics and sizing. The report also includes the direction of chief market features and dynamics that become a part of our market models in order to shape the output market metrics and projected opportunities for copper AM.

A small number of charts are included in order to better elucidate significant tendencies, with varied added references made to the companion database as a means of providing context to the numerical data. Our market and trend analysis deliberately maintains a level that can deliver well-defined and succinct descriptions of the current market and opportunities and how we anticipate them to progress over the course of time.

Together with the supplementary database, this report package is meant to act as a comprehensive, measureable guide to copper AM opportunities, which have shown to be important driving forces behind the metal AM market. This package will be a useful tool for preparing and gauging commercial activities and success for stakeholders with an interest or existing participation in copper AM, including metal material producers, AM hardware manufacturers, and developers of associated end-to-end tools in software and component processing.

Metal powder feedstocks for AM technology serve as the primary focus of this report. While there are other materials that represent opportunities for the metal AM market, particularly metal wire materials for directed energy deposition (DED), SmarTech expects powder-based metal 3D printing to represent the majority of primary opportunities in AM. Other feedstocks bear little to no relevance for the copper segment in particular at this time. In turn, the data exhibited here and in the companion database are linked to powder-based copper materials and AM solutions.