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Aluminum Additive Manufacturing

Aluminum Additive Manufacturing 2019 Outlook and Database


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Published on Jul 24, 2019 SKU SMP-AM-ALM-0719 Category Tag
Table of Contents

Chapter One: About this Report

1.1 Methodology

1.2 Introduction to Aluminum Additive Manufacturing

Chapter Two: Market Opportunity Summary and Aluminum Additive Manufacturing Outlook

2.1 Aluminum Additive Manufacturing in Context with Overall Metal AM

2.1.1 Competitive Structuring of Aluminum AM Powder and Technology Market

2.2 Aluminum Additive Manufacturing Trends by Print Technology Family

2.2.1 Aluminum Printing as a Competitive Differentiator for Powder Bed Fusion Technologies

Chapter Three: Market Data for Aluminum Powders Used in Additive Manufacturing

3.1 Shipments of AM Aluminum Powders and Forecast

3.1.1 By Consuming Print Technology in Primary Geographic Regions

3.1.2 By End-user Market in Primary Geographic Regions

3.1.3 Forecasted Global Shipments of Aluminum Alloys by Specific Alloy Category in Key End-user Markets Additive Specific versus Additive Adapted Aluminum Alloys

3.2 Resulting Revenue Opportunities for Aluminum AM Powders

3.2.1 Pricing Trends and Outlook for AM Aluminum Powders

3.2.2 Revenues by Consuming Print Technologies in Primary Geographic Regions

3.2.3 Revenues by End-user Market and Key Geographic Region

Chapter Four: Specialty Market Data Related to Aluminum AM

4.1 Aluminum Powder Shipments and Forecasted Powder Demand by Production Type and Powder Characteristics

4.2 Analysis of Metal AM Hardware Opportunities Resulting from Demand for Aluminum Printing

4.3 Analysis of Aluminum AM Powder Sales Channel Trends

Aluminum additive manufacturing has grown by leaps and bounds over the last several years, moving from one of the more difficult to process metals with typical laser powder bed fusion equipment to one of the most widely demanded materials in the industry. To date, almost all commercial activity has been centralized to powder bed fusion of aluminum casting alloys, but since 2017 real efforts to develop new printable alloys and increase the process stability of aluminum in laser-based AM equipment has begun to expand the scope of aluminum printing. Today, aluminum has become a material of special focus by various stakeholders in the industry, from suppliers of aluminum goods and powders, to AM print technology developers, to metal AM service providers. As the industry now moves to more widespread use of both wrought alloy formulations and specialty aluminum alloys developed specifically for AM processing, the aluminum segment is primed for fast growth along with the rest of the metal AM industry. This report follows SmarTech’s 2018 study of the aluminum AM market with updated expectations and forecasts in a new, highly accessible format.

This market outlook database is one of several in a new resource from SmarTech, the leading provider of industry data and market analysis services to the additive manufacturing industry. Purchasers receive a detailed dataset that comprises all of SmarTech’s key aluminum additive manufacturing metrics, including powder material shipments and revenues, material pricing estimates, geographic demand data, powder atomization metrics, and hardware opportunities associated with aluminum printing, all cut by end user industries, geographies, and specific metal AM print technology group. The database provides aluminum AM companies the most diverse resource of market data available specific to their needs, allowing for custom integration into existing models or internal business development tracking programs.

In addition, an accompanying document is also provided to give purchasers context and assumptions behind the data, and the latest trends which are influencing and shaping the associated market forecasts provided in the dataset.