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Additive Manufacturing with Metal Powders 2019


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Published on May 30, 2019 SKU SMP-AM-MP-0619 Categories , , Tags , ,

2018 was a year marked by highs and lows for the metal additive manufacturing market, and in this fifth edition of the popular industry report, SmarTech Analysis’ Vice President of Research Scott Dunham outlines a clear path for the future of metal additive manufacturing technologies, while highlighting trends associated with the supply chain for metal powders and individual technologies themselves. In last year’s edition, SmarTech reported it expected that 2018 and 2019 would see the market entering a period of renewed growth. During 2018, the technical pace of change and sheer volume of advancements and new products left industry stakeholders and users reeling in an attempt to understand market dynamics and determine optimal paths forward, artificially hindering growth in the largest segment of the market. SmarTech likens this temporary period to a car’s tires spinning on a wet road during a quick take-off -once traction is quickly regained, the real acceleration can begin. With three primary powder-based metal additive technology families now beginning to carve out and establish real value propositions in manufacturing, the future of path for metal AM appears to be one of diversified solutions and selective application of all processes to their proper applications. Winners in the market over the long term will be able to understand, leverage, and ultimately master all metal additive techniques to achieve a truly disruptive digital manufacturing revolution.

This report features a new two-part analysis package featuring the most expansive metal additive manufacturing market database available, with dozens of market forecast metrics covering metal AM hardware, materials, print services, and trend analysis. In addition, a written component summarizes and identified key industry drivers and trends, leading innovators in the industry, and provides the context and assumptions behind the market projections.

Clients will be able to leverage this analysis package to identify opportunities and drivers in metal AM segments across the value chain, while also measuring performance against historical and future growth data at a detailed level, and providing a roadmap for internal additive business strategies.