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3D Printed Metals: A Patent Landscape Analysis 2019


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Published on Jul 22, 2019 SKU SMP-MP-0719 Category Tags ,
Table of Contents

Section 1: 3D Printed Metals: Conclusions and Recommendations
1.1 Coverage of this Report
1.2 Conclusions and Recommendations
1.2.1 Introduction
1.2.2 The Geography of 3D Printing Metals Patents
1.2.3 Companies in this Sector
Section 2: Patent Database
Section 3: Search Methodology
Section 4: Explanation of Patent Grades and Scores
Section 5: Technology Landscape Analysis
Section 6: Charts and Graphs

6.1 Current Assignee: Patents and Applications
6.1.1 Current Assignee U.S. Patents (Top 20)
6.1.2 Current Assignee U.S. Applications (Top 20)
6.1.3 Original Assignee European Patents (Top 20)
6.1.4 Original Assignee European Applications (Top 10)
6.1.5 Original Assignee WIPO Publications
6.1.6 Original Assignee China Patents
6.1.7 Original Assignee China Applications
6.1.8 Original Assignee Japan Patents
6.2 Trends: Patents and Applications
6.2.1 Trends: U.S. Patents
6.2.2 Trends: U.S. Applications
6.2.3 Trends: European Patents
6.2.4 Trends: European Applications
6.2.5 Trends: WIPO Publications
6.2.6 Trends: China Patents
6.2.7 Trends: China Applications
6.2.8 Trends: Japan Patents
6.3 Litigation Involving Patents Covered by This Report
6.4 Patent Citation
6.4.1 Current Assignee Domestic Citation Count U.S. Patents (Top 10)
6.4.2 Current Assignee Domestic Cited-By US Patents (Top 10)
6.4.3 Original Assignee Domestic Citation Count China Patents (Top 20)
6.4.4 Current Assignee Domestic Cited-By China Patents (Top 20)
6.5 Patent and Inventor Scores
6.5.1 Current Assignee Patent Score U.S. (Top 10)
6.5.2 Current Assignee Inventor Score U.S. (Top 10)
6.5.3 Inventor Patent Score U.S. (Top 10)
6.5.4 Original Assignee Patent Score EP (Top 20)
6.5.5 Inventor Patent Score EP (Top 20)
6.5.6 Original Assignee Patent Score China (Top 20)
6.5.7 Original Assignee Inventor Score China (Top 20)
6.5.8 Inventor Patent Score Japan (Top 10)
6.6 Degree of Inventor Activity
6.6.1 Inventor by Current Assignee U.S. Patents (Top 10)
6.6.2 Inventor by Current Assignee U.S. Applications (Top 10)
6.6.3 Inventor U.S. Patents (Top 20)
6.6.4 Inventor U.S. Applications (Top 20)
6.6.5 Inventor by Original Assignee European Patents (Top 10)
6.6.6 Inventor by Original Assignee European Applications (Top 10)
6.6.7 Inventor European Patents (Top 20)
6.6.8 Inventor European Applications (Top 20)
6.6.9 Inventor by Original Assignee WIPO Publications
6.6.10 Inventor: WIPO Publications
6.6.11 Inventor by Original Assignee China Patents (Top 10)
6.6.12 Inventor: China Applications (Top 10)
6.6.13 Inventor by Original Assignee Japan (Top 10)
6.6.14 Inventor Japan (Top 10)
Section 7: Patent Quality Evaluation
Section 8: Forward Citation
Section 9: Technology Keyword Maps
Section 10: Closing Commentary

About SmarTech Analysis

Metals-based 3D printing is one of the fastest growing sectors of the 3D printing industry. SmarTech has already published widely on the growing market opportunities available in this space.  Building on our extensive knowledge and understanding of this area, we are now offering an updated and revamped report on the patent landscape for 3D-printed metals. This report will be one of a series of reports on the 3D printing patent landscape.

This report includes an Excel database containing 1,381 worldwide patent references for 3D printing metals and processes used to make them. This database will be a valuable resource to anyone researching the worldwide patent landscape for 3D printing metals. It enables them to determine the top cited patents in their field, how many patents are being filed each year, what patent families are already claimed and where new patent rights may be available. SmarTech’s research covers both granted patents and published applications. The information is drawn from U.S., EP, WIPO PCT, Chinese, and Japanese sources.

Companies covered in this report include 3D Systems, Arcam, Arconic, Batelle, Boeing, Desktop Metal, EOS, ExOne, GE, HC Starck, Halliburton, HP, Honeywell, Johnson Matthey, Raytheon, Ricoh, Sciaky, Siemens, United Technologies, Velo3D and Xerox.

In addition to institutional coverage, this report identifies the leading inventors in the 3D-printed metals field, who they work for, and the value of their patented inventions. SmarTech’s patent analysis also reveals the degree to which the public corporate strategy of major firms in the 3D printing metals space is backed up (or not) by patent strategy.