2019 Additive Manufacturing Market Outlook and Summary of Opportunities

Report # SMP-2019 AMMO
Published December 7, 2018
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Additive manufacturing in 2018 continued to become a centerpiece for digital transformation strategies from leading innovators across industries worldwide. But unlike years past where the discussions in the industry were on how to achieve long term goals, in 2018 a number of significant engagements and strides were achieved or revealed. Auto manufacturers reported success in integrating multiple AM technologies in supporting “spare parts on demand” initiatives. Serious production volumes in consumer goods began to be produced using AM. GE Aviation announced it had additively manufactured 30,000 of its famous fuel nozzles. BMW is utilizing polymer and metal AM for production automotive parts in high level vehicles. In short, the industry has begun to make strides on delivering on the hype of the last five years.

This 2019 additive manufacturing market outlook report serves as a singular resource for stakeholders with a broad, multidisciplinary interest in additive manufacturing to get up-to-speed with only the most important market-driving trends, insights, and data for their strategy and operational teams. The focus of this report is forecast data across key metrics, highlighted by the key growth and development trends behind the numbers.

Forecast metrics presented include:

  • printer installations, revenues, and unit sales by print technology in primary tracked industries, as well as geographical metrics
  • hardware vendor shares by print technology worldwide
  • global hardware metrics split by printer classification (low cost/prosumer units used professionally versus high end industrial machines)
  • material shipments and resulting revenues by print technology and material family and geography
    additive manufacturing software revenues by software type
  • additive manufacturing parts printing services revenues by industry and primary material family

All presented data includes forecast projections on a ten year period.

Printer manufacturers, providers of print solutions and services, and potential print technology and component developers will find this unprecedented access to a wide variety of SmarTech market data and review of key annual findings critical to planning future initiatives in the 3D printing industry for 2019 and beyond.

The Smartech 2019 additive manufacturing market outlook is a must add to any research collection serious AM companies possess.

Chapter One: State of the Additive Manufacturing Industry and 2019 Outlook
1.0 About this Report
1.1 Summary of Aggregated Market Data
1.2 The State of Metal Additive Manufacturing
1.2.1 Primary Developments During 2018 Expected to Impact the Future.
1.2.2 Top Five Most Significant Metal AM Engagements and Market Moves of 2018
1.3 The State of Polymer and Composite Additive Manufacturing.
1.3.1 Primary Developments During 2018 Expected to Impact the Future.
1.3.2 Top Five Most Significant Polymer AM Engagements and Market Moves of 2018
1.4 Updates on Ceramic Additive Manufacturing Opportunities for 2019 and Beyond
1.4.1 Large Industrial Groups Driving Innovation.
1.4.2 Ceramics AM Expanding into Low-cost Accessibility.
Chapter Two: The State of Additive Manufacturing in Healthcare.
2.1 Healthcare 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing in 2018.
2.2 Healthcare 3D Printing Hardware Market
2.3 Healthcare 3D Printing Materials Market
Chapter Three: The State of Additive Manufacturing in Aerospace
3.1 Aerospace 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing in 2018
3.1.1 GE (Concept Laser, Arcam)
3.1.2 Airbus
3.1.3 EOS and SLM Solutions
3.1.4 Stratasys.
3.1.5 Siemens and Materialise.
3.1.6 DMG Mori and Trumpf
3.2 Aerospace 3D Printing Hardware Market
3.3 Aerospace 3D Printing Materials Market
Chapter Four: The State of Additive Manufacturing in Automotive
4.1 Automotive 3D Printing and Additive Manufacturing in 2018
4.1.1 Stratasys/Siemens/Ford.
4.1.2 BMW/Carbon/Desktop Metal
4.1.3 Daimler/EOS.
4.1.4 GM/Autodesk.
4.1.5 Divergent/PSA/SLM Solutions (Audi)
4.1.6 Local Motors/Cincinnati Inc/IBM.
4.1.7 Expansion of Application Segments for Automotive 3D Printing.
4.2 Automotive 3D Printing Hardware Market
4.3 Automotive 3D Printing Materials Market
Chapter Five: The State of Additive Manufacturing Service Provider Markets.
5.1 The State of Service Bureau Additive Manufacturing in 2018.
5.2 Service Provider 3D Printing Hardware Market
5.3 Service Provider 3D Printing Materials Market
Chapter Six: The State of Additive Manufacturing in Other Emerging Opportunities – Consumer Goods, Energy, and Industrials.
6.1 Additive Manufacturing in Other Markets 2018.
6.2 3D Printing Hardware Opportunities in Emerging Markets.
6.3 3D Printing Materials Opportunities in Emerging Markets.
Chapter Seven: The State of Additive Manufacturing Software Markets.
7.1 Additive Manufacturing Software Solutions Market in 2018.
7.2 AM Software Opportunities in Key Industries.

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