Published February 2017
Report # SMP-3D-POPL-2017-0217

See our new report: Additive Manufacturing With Polymers And Plastics 2018 Over the last two years, the polymer 3D printing industry has been in a state of tumultuousness marked by dozens of new competitors entering the market, partnerships for development of materials, and development of new print technologies. All of these and more have combined.....

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Published December 2016
Report # SMP-AM-NA-1216

In yet another first, SmarTech Publishing presents the first ever multi-market deep dive research study into additive manufacturing with nickel alloys utilizing powder based AM/3DP and other AM technologies. This study is complimentary to our research portfolio in metal additive manufacturing materials and related applications, and looks into the world of nickel alloys and the current and.....

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Published November 2016
Report # SMP-3D-COMP-1116

SmarTech Publishing is seeing growing interest and development activities around the use of composites – especially carbon- and glass-fiber reinforced thermoplastic materials within the 3D printing/additive manufacturing (3DP/AM) community We believe that such developments are creating new revenue generation opportunities within 3DP/AM by expanding upon current labor-intensive composite materials manufacturing processes for the production of final.....

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Published November 2016
Report # SMP-AM-TI2017-1116

SmarTech Publishing was the first industry analysis firm to publish a report on the market opportunities emerging from additively manufactured titanium.  In this story, we bring the story up to date with a full analysis on the markets for of AM utilizing metal powders and other titanium feedstocks in modern commercial additive manufacturing systems. We believe.....

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Published February 2016
Report # SMP-AM-MP-0216

While a number of firms in 3D printing faltered in 2015, participants in the metal additive manufacturing segment continued on their path of explosive growth. With interest and acceptance from critical industries at an all time high, the conversation for widespread metal additive manufacturing is beginning to shift from “when?” to “where?” – a question.....

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Published December 2015
Report # SMP-3D-POLY-1215

3D printing began with polymer printing over three decades ago as a revolutionary rapid prototyping tool, but today use of polymers in various 3D printing technologies are evolving into rapid tooling and manufacturing applications in ways that will enable the market for various thermoplastics, composites, and photopolymers to achieve massive growth over the next decade......

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Published October 2015
Report # SMP-AM-TI-1015

A new specialty market report from SmarTech is the first of its kind to explore opportunities and considerations specifically for titanium and titanium alloys, to be released in October 2015. Titanium is becoming one of three premiere metal group opportunities for additive manufacturing systems of numerous types, sought after primarily for its high strength to.....

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Published March 2015
Report # SMP-3D-PM-0315

SmarTech believes that 3D printing of gold, silver, platinum and precious metal alloys will present important opportunities for the 3D printing community in the near future. 3D printing has been of growing importance in the jewelry industry for a decade and we are about see 3D printing enter new territory; directly fabricated jewelry, timepiece components, and.....

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Published November 2014
Report # SMP-AM-MP-1114

The market for metal powders for additive manufacturing (AM) applications will take off over the next five years: New applications in the aerospace, oil & gas, medical, and dental sectors will increase demand for powered materials exponentially. In this regard, SmarTech believes that GE’s recent $50 million dollar investment in it’s Auburn, Alabama plant to additively manufacture.....

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Published August 2014
Report # SMP-3D-P-0814

The quantity and quality of plastic materials available for 3D printing systems are key determining factors in the number of 3D printer purchases. These materials include especially ABS and PLA, but also include acrylate resins, epoxy acrylate resins, and nylon powder materials. Many 3D printer firms are racing to fill out their plastic material portfolios.....

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