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SmarTech Issues Latest Additive Manufacturing in Dentistry Market Report

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Crozet, Virginia: SmarTech Analysis has just published the fifth edition of its Additive Manufacturing in Dentistry report. In the report the firm projects that the total market for additive manufacturing in dentistry will surpass $2.7 billion (USD) in 2019 (hardware, services, materials and software). The report also says that by 2022 500 million dental devices and restorations will be produced annually via additive manufacturing.

The report notes that an emerging dental industry transformation is taking place from converging forces –with 3D printing technology at the center of the change. The flexible, digital print processes now being rapidly adopted will help catalyze other ongoing trends in dentistry, including higher levels of chairside and in-office dental device production, laboratory business model evolution, and a focus on corporate dentistry.

All of this is being enabled by the next generation of dental 3D printing processes which are now commercializing or nearing commercialization, which will collectively cause intense competitive changes in the dental 3D printing market over the next five years.

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About the Report:

This new study has integrated an expanded market model scope providing detailed market forecast insights perfected over the past four years of interacting with the dental printing community. For the first time, Additive Manufacturing in Dentistry now features both a full written analysis of the opportunity landscape and trends, and a complete market data and forecast database accompanying the report which features an incredible 69 data exhibits covering:

· Hardware metrics – dental 3D printer sales, installations, and revenue data by technology type, printer classification, end user group, region, and country, as well as competitor market shares by technology, dental end user segment, and region

· Material metrics – dental 3D print material shipments and revenues, by material class and type, end user group, region and country

· Application metrics – global printed dental device and restoration volumes by dental application or treatment

· Dental print services – dental 3D printing service revenues by dental application or treatment type

· Dental print software – dental 3D printing software revenues by software functionality

From the Report:

· Across regional dental markets, a growing focus in the last year has been placed on increasing access to dental care in the face of aging populations in the West, and improving access to quality care in emerging economies in Asia, South America, and areas of the Middle East. SmarTech anticipates that low cost dental printers, and the next generation of highly productive, cost effective dental 3D printers, can help serve these needs in the future

· The level of industry activity and collaboration in the dental printing space in the last year has not slowed. The most strategically significant technical evolutions in printer hardware are the development of automated systems and the development of higher printing speed systems, both of which stand to significantly improve productivity and potential for use in-office, as well as further adoption in areas of dentistry such as clear aligners and denture production

· The future of material jetting technology for dentistry will be driven by its ability to address unmet needs in dental 3D printing; printing of highly functional restorations using dental composites that can be produced and shaded in a single system for the creation of temporary crowns and bridges, dentures, and ultimately permanent restorations. These developments will position material jetting technology even further into competition with vat photopolymerization technologies of today, further threatening those in the incumbent vat photopolymerization segment who are not providing significant increases in automation, speed, and other value-added features.

Source: SmarTech Analysis


About SmarTech Analysis

Since 2013 SmarTech Analysis has published reports on all the important revenue opportunities in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector and is considered the leading industry analyst firm providing coverage of this sector. Our company has a client roster that includes the largest 3D printer firms, materials firms and investors in the 3DP/AM sector.

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