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SmarTech Issues New 3D Printing Report That Projects Bioprinting Revenues to Reach $1.1 billion in Revenues in 2027

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Charlottesville, Virginia:  SmarTech Publishing, the leading industry analyst firm in the 3DP/ additive manufacturing market has just issued a new report titled, “Bioprinting Markets: Materials, Equipment and Applications, 2017 to 2027”.  In this report, the firm projects that bioprinting will reach $1.1 billion in revenues by 2027.

Further details of this report including a detailed description, table of content and excerpt can be found at:  Members of the press can receive an executive summary and schedule an interview with the report’s author, Davide Sher, Senior Industry Analyst at SmarTech.

About the Report:

The report identifies the most commercially important technologies, materials and applications for bioprinting.  It includes ten-year forecasts of bioprinting materials, hardware and applications, along with granular information on current pricing for both bioprinters and printing materials.  The report also provides information on which companies and institutions are using bioprinters today and which printers they are using.  The report was compiled after extensive interviewing of key executives in the industry.

Profiles of leading bioprinting firms include: EnvisionTEC, RegenHU, Organovo, Regenovo, Poietis, Cyfuse, CELLINK, Biobots, Rokit, Bioink Solutions, 3D Bioprinting Solutions, Advanced Biomatrix, Aspect Biosystems, Nano3D Biosciences, and Tissue Regeneration Systems.

There is also an analysis of the diverse market for “bioinks.” materials, which include polymers, ceramics, cells, cell aggregates, peptides, growth factors, hydrogels, scaffold components, and others.

From the Report:

  • Although, the leading professional bioprinter firms themselves are today often small. (See attached chart), major multinationals now have bioprinting programs.  Such firms include Astellas Pharma, Bristol-Meyers Squibb, Merck, Novartis, Procter and Gamble and Roche. By 2027, SmarTech believes there will be over 5,000 bioprinting systems installed worldwide.
  • Another driver for bioprinting going forward will be the growing availability of low-cost bioprinters systems. Systems under $20,000 will enable bioprinting to be much more widely used both in industry and in smaller academic institutions.  These will enable the creation of entirely new services in much the same way that low-cost gene splicing machines have done.
  • Although currently a niche sector, bioprinting will take off rapidly in the next few years as today’s trials turn into commercial applications.  SmarTech anticipates a rush to fund bioprinting startups as sales of bioprinters will double between 2016 and 2021.  Firms seeking to establish a foothold in this emerging market are turning up both R&D and market development activity.
  • While RegenHu and EnvisionTEC currently represent over 50% of the professional bioprinting market, SmarTech sees this situation about to change as more firms enter the space. There is potential for innovative forms to thrive and possibly dislodge either or both current industry leaders.
  • Although new bioprinting applications will likely emerge, the majority of bioprinting revenues will come from drug discovery, cosmetics testing, and tissue regeneration.  These three applications will account for more than 90 percent of the revenues in the bioprinting segment over the next decade.


About SmarTech Publishing:
Since 2013 we have published reports on important business opportunities in 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector. SmarTech is the leading industry analyst firm providing coverage in this sector. Our client roster includes the largest 3D printer firms, materials firms and investors.

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About SmarTech Analysis

Since 2013 SmarTech Analysis has published reports on all the important revenue opportunities in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector and is considered the leading industry analyst firm providing coverage of this sector. Our company has a client roster that includes the largest 3D printer firms, materials firms and investors in the 3DP/AM sector.

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