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SmarTech Reports 3D Printed Products for Medical and Dental Sectors Will Reach $2.8 Billion in 2019

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Charlottesville, Virginia:   A new report from SmarTech Markets Publishing, an industry analyst firm, states that by 2019 sales of 3D printed products for the medical and dental markets will reach $2.8 billion, with 3D printing equipment (printers and scanner) sales to this sector reaching almost $675 million in that year.

SmarTech’s new report “3D Printing in Medical and Dental Markets: An Opportunity Analysis and Ten-Year Forecast,” notes that 3D printing is already widely used for manufacturing dental implants and hearing aid shells.  But driving this market are the many novel medical and dental applications where small, highly customized products must be quickly fabricated and 3D printing is ideal for the job.

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From the Report:

Leading 3D printer firms – for example EOS, EnvisionTEC and 3D Systems — are specifically targeting the medical/dental sector noting its potential growth. These printer companies understand that to succeed they need strategies that cope with materials and regulatory requirements which are much more demanding than in any other area of 3D printing, but which at the same time can create barriers to entry for future competitors.  Sales of 3D printers in the medical/dental sector will increase from just $35 million to $520 million in 2019, then to $1.2 billion by 2023.

The biggest revenue opportunity for 3D printed medical/dental products will be for hip implants, which will generate almost $690 million by 2019.  This is an area where 3D printing’s ability to create porous structures that allow for bone growth gives it an advantage over more conventional products.

Another product area that is expected enjoy good revenue growth are 3D printed crowns, caps and bridges and these are expected to reach sales of $400 million by 2019.  These products are well suited to 3D printing because they are small parts with lots of parts printable in a single run without any drop of in quality.  3D printing of these dental products enables delivery to the customer to be reduced by days while increasing material efficiency.

About the Report:

This report provides a granular ten-year forecast of the products that will be 3D printed for medical and dental markets using 3D printers, along with the equipment, software and materials that will be needed to do all this.  Among the products covered in this report are medical models, cutting and drill guides, hip implants, cranial facial implants, prosthetics, crowns/caps and bridges, dental abutments and screws, partial dentures, temporary dental fittings, and orthodontic aligner models.  The forecasts of the printers used are broken out by type of material and type of application and a forecast of materials used is also included.

The report also analyzes the product/market strategies of leading 3D printer firms for capitalizing on the medical/dental market.  Firms discussed in this report include, 3D Systems, 3Shape, AB Dental, Arcam, Argen Digital, Autodesk, BEGO, Bespoke Modeling, Concept Laser, Dassault, DENTORUM, DWS, EnvisionTEC, EOS, Geomagics, Innovation Meditech, Lima Corporate, Materialise, Medical Modeling, Optomec, RapidShape, Renishaw, SLM Solutions, Solidscape, Stratasys, VSG, and Within Labs.

About SmarTech Markets Publishing:

SmarTech offers the best in industry analysis and forecasting for the 3D printing sector. Our published reports and customized consulting work provide clients with guidance on the direction that 3D printing is taking and how to capitalize on available opportunities.

For further information and for a complimentary extract of the report contact: Lawrence Gasman at
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About SmarTech Analysis

Since 2013 SmarTech Analysis has published reports on all the important revenue opportunities in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector and is considered the leading industry analyst firm providing coverage of this sector. Our company has a client roster that includes the largest 3D printer firms, materials firms and investors in the 3DP/AM sector.

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