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SmarTech Announces 3D Printing Industry Analysis Report Schedule for Rest of 2015

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SmarTech Announces 3D Printing Industry Analysis Report Schedule for Rest of 2015

Charlottesville, Virginia:  SmarTech Markets Publishing, the leading source of information, forecasting and analysis on opportunities in the 3D printing (3DP)/additive manufacturing space has just announced its publication schedule for the rest of 2015.

SmarTech’s products and services are designed to provide guidance to marketing and business development executives at materials companies, service bureaus and end-user organizations as well as management at the 3D printer firms themselves.

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Medical:  In August, SmarTech will publish three reports on 3DP in selected medical sectors.  These reports will cover (1) “3D Printed Medical Implant Markets:  Orthopedic and Other Applications,” (2) “3D Printed Medical Prosthetics Markets,” and (3) “Opportunities for Additive Manufacturing in Surgical Planning and Modeling.”

Medical 3DP is a highly fragmented business and SmarTech believes that these new monographs will guide 3DP firms to where the growth is in the medical sector of the 3DP industry.

Aerospace:  SmarTech’s 2014 report on additive manufacturing in the aerospace sector was a best seller and is recognized as the leading source of market forecasts and analysis on “additive aerospace.”  For 2015 we are extending our coverage to reflect the growing role of 3DP in aerospace.

The September SmarTech schedule will comprise two reports on additive manufacturing in aerospace. One will explore “Opportunities for Additive Manufacturing in Commercial and General Aviation,” while the other will examine, “Markets for Additive Manufacturing in Space Vehicles, Guided Missiles and Defense Aircraft.”

Materials: SmarTech plans to publish the follow-up reports to its two studies on metal powders and plastics from 2014.  In October, we will publish “Metal Powders: 3D Printing Opportunities – 2015” and in November, “Polymer Materials:  3D Printing Opportunities – 2015”

3DP insiders believe that materials will be critical to the 3DP business going forward.  End users are currently demanding that more materials become available for 3DP at lower prices, offering the potential for rapidly growing revenue streams in both the plastics and metal powders segment.

Personal 3D Printing (P3DP):  In December, SmarTech plans to offer its latest report on the market for personal 3DP.  This report will cover hardware markets and the strategies of the key personal 3D printer players as well as include our latest forecasts of P3DP printer and related materials sales.

SmarTech is currently seeing the P3DP business explode well beyond its “Maker” origins.  P3DP machines are now being used throughout industry for prototyping, and these machines may also eventually emerge as a major piece of consumer electronics.  This report provides all the information needed to understand where the money will be made in this budding sector.

Services:  SmarTech will also continue to publish its two monthly industry analysis services: “The SmarTech 3D Printing Materials Advisory Service” and the “SmarTech Personal 3D printing Advisory Service.” Both these services offer an ongoing industry analysis package with accurate market data and forecasts, in-depth analysis and penetrating commentary for 3DP insiders.

About SmarTech Analysis

Since 2013 SmarTech Analysis has published reports on all the important revenue opportunities in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector and is considered the leading industry analyst firm providing coverage of this sector. Our company has a client roster that includes the largest 3D printer firms, materials firms and investors in the 3DP/AM sector.

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