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Opportunities In Low-cost 3d Printers: Technologies, Materials And Markets - 2016


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Published on Apr 13, 2016 SKU SMP-3DP-LCP-0416 Category Tag

While a number of low-cost 3D printer manufacturers have doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled revenues in 2015, the most visible names such as MakerBot and 3D Systems struggled greatly.

In this report SmarTech provides the most thorough market analysis available of where the low-cost 3D printer market is headed.  We believe that the keys to success in this complex segment of 3DP market are (1) understanding where low cost 3D printers can generate revenues and where they are merely being hyped, and  (2) the formulation and execution of a well-defined product/market strategy. This report includes:

  • Ten-year forecasts for low-cost printer hardware by printing technology, material shipments and revenue projections by category
  • Market share estimates for more than a dozen of the top competitors in the low-cost printer market.

The New Low-Cost Printer Market:  Professional and Enterprise

This report focuses on those market segments where SmarTech’s analysis of low-cost 3D printer suggests money will be made in the coming years.   With this in mind, the emphasis is especially on:

  • Enterprise and corporate markets:  Acceptance from enterprise businesses and large corporations helped drive the low-cost printer market to another year of solid growth. Fortune 500 manufacturers like Dell, Siemens, Caterpillar, Boeing, Ford, have all markedly increased their purchasing of low-cost printers due to the access they provide for distributed prototyping.

This report takes a look at the long-term potential for enterprise and corporate markets and the strategies available to hardware makers for entering this part of the low-cost 3D printer market.

  • Professional markets:  Although consumer 3D printers beyond the “maker” market looks some way off, SmarTech is seeing the rapid development of a professional market for 3D printers – at architects and designers, for example.

With such developments in mind, this report provides detailed market analysis of the budding “prosumer” hardware segment; backed by real market data.

  • Consumer markets:  Although the true consumer 3DP market is not here yet, SmarTech continues to believe that consumer 3DP is far from dead.

To demonstrate where the real opportunities for consumer 3D printing will be found, this report includes SmarTech’s unique feasibility analysis of available low-cost 3D printing technologies for the consumer user base, along with a logical penetration analysis and adoption timeline for consumer 3D printing.

Clarifying Misconceptions and Strategies

This report is also designed to clarify the many misconceptions that have emerged with regard to the low-cost printer market in 2016 and beyond and to demonstrate which strategies will help this market emerge from being the “Wild West” of 3D printing.

SmarTech believes that the low-cost 3D printing market remains a business with one of the largest upside segments in the overall 3D printing industry, as has been proven by a historic rise by brands such as Ultimaker, Aleph Objects, XYZPrinting, and many more.  And this report
The report provides both the necessary market data and competitive analysis for firms — printer makers, retailers, materials companies, service providers, and others —  that are trying to make money in the low-cost printing sector.