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Additive Manufacturing Opportunities In The Metal Powders Industry: A 10-year Market Forecast


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Published on Nov 13, 2014 SKU SMP-AM-MP-1114 Category Tag

The market for metal powders for additive manufacturing (AM) applications will take off over the next five years:

  • New applications in the aerospace, oil & gas, medical, and dental sectors will increase demand for powered materials exponentially. In this regard, SmarTech believes that GE’s recent $50 million dollar investment in it’s Auburn, Alabama plant to additively manufacture LEAP engine fuel nozzles is a prelude to larger investments in metal powder AM equipment by many large manufacturers that will soon require powdered materials for  ‘round the clock production.
  • Meanwhile, new powdered metals open up new applications that will cause metal powder application database to multiply over the next seven years. Forward-looking metal powder manufacturers like Sandvick Osprey, Carpenter Powders, and AP&C are already beginning to move up the AM learning curve, working with equipment OEMs to create higher performance, more consistent powders.

In this report, SmarTech provides in-depth coverage and market analysis of metal powders for AM manufacturing market. The report includes the most complete and accurate market forecasts for metal powder materials in the AM industry. In this report, market numbers for metal AM powders are reported both in terms of total material weight, as well as total market size. Opportunities are broken down by application, powder type, and OEM equipment manufacturer.

Among the areas discussed in this report are the following:

  • Emerging strategies of the metal powder industry for improving powder consistency, performance, and costs: Based on interviews with industry leaders, SmarTech examines the methods that the metal powder industry uses to differentiate their products, as well as drive production efficiencies in metal AM powders.
  • End-user requirements for new metal powders: The list of available powders for AM is still quite limited. This bottleneck restricts some of the highest value opportunities for AM, particularly in the aerospace industry. In this report, SmarTech provides in-depth coverage of end-users who are pushing the boundaries of AM applications and determines the best direction for future metal powder development.  Atomized metal powders for AM must meet drastically different specs than powders for other applications.
  • Supply chain capacity analysis: In this report, SmarTech provides critical assessments for the metal AM powder producers, OEM manufacturers, and major powder end-users. By looking at both current supply chains and major distribution channels, SmarTech helps clients determine when and where the largest opportunities lie, as well as where the incumbents’ blind spots are.
  • Analysis of the role of OEMs in metal powder demand: Large production AM machine OEMs are working to secure their control of metal powders that run on their machines. SmarTech analyzes how these moves are likely to impact the make-up of the industry over the next ten years.

The forecasts in this report are built off up our extensive industry database that is second to none in terms of quality and completeness. Our conservative forecasts are based on the most up-to-date information available, gathered first and foremost from primary source experts in the AM materials field. Our forecasts are presented as logically and transparently as possible, allowing SmarTech clients to understand how we came to the conclusion that we did.

Customers who purchase this report will come away with a better understanding of how to make money in AM metal powder materials market. Decision-makers will be better armed to implement strategies in the metal material market that will secure long-term revenue growth for their companies.