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Refractory Metals

Markets for Additive Manufacturing Using Refractory Metals: 2018-2027


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Published on Sep 04, 2018 SKU SMP-AM-METAL-REF-0918 Category Tag

Refractory metals include niobium, molybdenum, tantalum, tungsten and rhenium. They are used in a broad range of applications where their exceptional heat and wear resistance are highly valued. Products built from these materials are produced using several manufacturing modalities. However, spurred on by the boom in additive metals manufacture, there has been a growing interest in 3D printing of refractory metals with applications in aerospace, medicine, dentistry, and the nuclear industry as well as in general industrial uses.

This report identifies the opportunities that 3D-printed refractory metals will create and quantifies these opportunities in the form of a detailed ten-year forecast. It also assesses the strategies of metals firms, printers firms and end users in the emerging 3D-printed refractory metal space.