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Additive Manufacturing for Automotive Part Production – 2019 - 2029


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Published on Jul 26, 2019 SKU SMP-AM-AUTO-0719 Category Tags ,

This report focuses on production applications for additive manufacturing in the automotive industry, spanning from motorsports and luxury cars to mass produced vehicles. Production AM applications considered in this report include both additive manufacturing for indirect production (for tools, jigs, fixtures, molds and dies) and for direct digital production of spare, mass customized and serial final parts. Forecasts focus exclusively on industrial-grade additive manufacturing hardware systems and materials, for end-use part production applications.

This report assesses the overall opportunity for additive manufacturing in the automotive industry, including upcoming metal and polymer processes and materials that are going to gain wider adoption during the 10-year forecast period. These include leading polymer as well as new high-throughput metal and polymer AM technologies such as digital light synthesis from Carbon, multijet fusion from HP, as well as new bound metal filament and upcoming metal binder jetting processes. For the first time, these are listed as separate segments in the all hardware forecasts.

The report also provides a deep analysis into the types of tools and final parts produced by AM. These are further broken down into specific applications and part-specific forecasts. AM parts are then also analyzed in terms of suppliers, with forecasts segmented into three main types of AM parts suppliers: large automakers (internal production), specialized automotive parts suppliers (tier 1 and tier 2) that have introduced AM in their workflows, and AM service providers (application agnostic) catering to the automotive segment.

In addition, for the first time in this edition, SmarTech presents an unprecedented country-specific analysis and forecasts of the automotive AM market’s geographic distribution for hardware and materials revenues and demand. From the analysis and data, it emerges that Europe currently holds has a lead in metal AM while the US leads in polymer AM, while Asia is expected to emerge as the largest area for both materials segments by the end of the forecast period.

Finally, SmarTech is presenting profiles of every major automaker, detailing their strategy in automotive AM and mapping all their publicly released activities in AM to date. Volkswagen Group emerges as the company that has made some of the most significant investments in this field, preceding other large German automakers such as BMW and Daimler Benz. Ford, FCA and PSA are also expected to invest significantly and carry out several production initiatives. In Asia, much of the 3D printing activities in automotive are expected to be carried out by external AM service providers.

SmarTech is also providing an analysis of the AM strategy by each major AM hardware manufacturer toward integrating their respective technologies into an end-to-end, fully automated production workflows which can cater to the automotive industry’s high-productivity requirements.