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3d-printed Medical Prosthetics Markets


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Published on Aug 13, 2015 SKU SMP-3D-MPM-0815 Category Tag
Table of Contents

Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 About this Report

Chapter Two: Medical Prosthetics
2.1 Hearing Aid Shells
2.2 3D-Printed Prosthetics and Fairings
2.2.1 Ten-Year Forecasts of 3D-Printed Prosthetics
2.3 Key Points from this Chapter

Chapter Three: Other Emerging Medical 3D Printing Applications – Orthotic and Ophthalmic
3.1 Printed Orthotics
3.1.1 Printed Fracture Braces and Skeletal Braces
3.1.2 3D-Printed Orthotic Insoles
3.1.3 Ten-Year Forecasts and Future Outlook for 3D-Printed Orthotics
3.2 Printed Ophthalmic Applications
3.2.1 3D-Printed Frames & Prescription Lenses
3.2.2 Ten-Year Forecast for 3D-Printed Ophthalmic Products
3.3 Key Points from this Chapter

About SmarTech Markets Publishing
About the Analyst
Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report

List of Exhibits
Exhibit 2-1: Factors Limiting New Revenue Opportunities in Hearing Aids
Exhibit 2-2: Total 3D-Printed Hearing Aid Shells, 2014-2024
Exhibit 2-3: Total Revenue 3D-Printed Hearing Aid Shells, 2014-2024 (US$ Millions)
Exhibit 2-4: Benefits 3D Printing Can Bring To the Prosthetics Market
Exhibit 2-5: Potential Adoption Level for 3D-Printed Prosthetic Parts
Exhibit 2-6: Total 3D-Printed Prosthetic Parts by Type, 2014-2024
Exhibit 2-7: Total Revenue 3D-Printed Prosthetic Parts by Type, 2014-2024 (US$ Millions)
Exhibit 3-1: Potential Adoption Level for 3D-Printed Ophthalmic & Orthotic Solutions
Exhibit 3-2: Total Orthotic Insoles Printed and Penetration Rate,  2014-2024
Exhibit 3-3: Total Printed Orthotic Insole Revenues, 2014-2024  (US$ Millions)
Exhibit 3-4: Total Revenue 3D-Printed Ophthalmic/Orthotic by Type,  2014-2024 (US$ Millions)
Exhibit 3-5: Total 3D-Printed Ophthalmic/Orthotic Parts by Type,  2014-2024

3D-printed prosthetics has often served as the poster boy for 3D printing, with (say) a 3D-printed hand serving to illustrate the wonderful things that can be achieved using 3D printing, however the capabilities of 3D printing in prosthetics are extending beyond just these often highlighted applications today.

In this report we forecast the future of 3D-printed medical prosthetics and orthotics, including how the supply chain is emerging in this space.  Both volume and value forecasts are included. Exploration of the capabilities of printing into lower extremity prosthetics, medical braces for skeletal system treatments, printed insoles, and other similar applications are included.