3D-printed Medical Implant Markets: Orthopedic And Other Applications

Report # SMP-3D-MIM-0815
Published August 13, 2015

This report explores the revenue potential for 3D printed medical implant markets including a discussion of the latest trends and their commercial implications. Printed implants of standard sizings in hip markets are approaching significant volumes, with more implant types now beginning to reach critical minimum real world trial length to be determined medically successful.

SmarTech thinks that these early trials have paved the way for more common orthopedic and medical implant procedures to achieve widespread commercial success in the future, with applications expanding rapidly into knee, spinal, shoulder, and other implants to serve specialty cases where traditional treatments would fail.

In this report we take a look at how this market is evolving, and where the money will be made.  The report includes ten-year forecasts of the medical implant market in both volume and value terms, as well as a discussion how major medical device firms and materials firms are preparing for the growth in 3D printed implants.


Chapter One: Introduction
1.1 About this Report
Chapter Two: The Future of 3D Printing In Orthopedic Implants
2.1 Orthopedic OEMs Beginning to Take Notice of Additive Manufacturing
2.1.1 Current and Future Print Technologies for Production of Medical Implants: Key Strategic Implications
2.1.2 Materials for 3D-Printed Implants and Key Strategic Implications
2.1.3 Opportunities for 3D Printing Services in Orthopedic Implant Manufacturing
2.1.4 Primary Adoption Considerations for the Future of 3D-Printed Medical and Orthopedic Implants
2.2 Key Points from this Chapter
Chapter Three: Examination of 3D-Printed Medical and Orthopedic Implant Applications by Implant Type
3.1 Cranio-maxillofacial Implants and Meshes
3.1.1 Medical Meshes
3.1.2 Facial Reconstructions
3.2 Acetabular Hip Cup Implants and Hip Meshes
3.3 Spinal Implants
3.3.1 Suppliers
3.4 Knee and Shoulder Implants
3.5 Other and Emerging Potential 3D-Printed Medical Implant Applications and Opportunities
3.6 Key Points from this Chapter
Chapter Four: Forecast Summaries for 3D-Printed Implants
About SmarTech Markets Publishing
About the Analyst

Acronyms and Abbreviations Used In this Report
List of Exhibits
Exhibit 2-1: Beneficial Traits of 3D-Printed Orthopedic Implants
Exhibit 2-2: Total Hardware Revenues Resulting from Implant Printing, 2014-2024 ($ Millions)
Exhibit 2-3: 3D Printable Implant Material Comparison
Exhibit 2-4: Total Material Revenues Attributed to Implant Printing,  2014-2024 ($ Millions)
Exhibit 3-1: Potential Adoption Level for 3D-Printed Medical Implants
Exhibit 3-2: Other Orthopedic Implants Being Explored for 3D Printing
Exhibit 4-1: Total 3D-Printed Implant Parts by Type, 2014-2024
Exhibit 4-2: Total Revenue 3D-Printed Implant by Type, 2014-2024  ($ Millions)

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