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3d Printing 2014: A Survey Of Smartech’s Annual Market Findings


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Published on May 13, 2014 SKU SMP-3D-AMF-0514 Category Tag
Table of Contents

Chapter One: Industry Overview
1.1 Business Climate Assessment: Will 2014 Be the Year of 3D Printing?
1.2 The Ten Largest Developments In 2013-2014
1.2.1 Equipment Manufacturers Gear Up Their Service Offerings
1.2.2 Accelerating 3DP Product Release Schedules
1.2.3 OEMs Consolidate Materials Supply Chains
1.2.4 Materials Manufacturers Get Involved As Well
1.2.5 3DP Companies Appeal to Public Markets for New Capital
1.2.6 Consolidation In the Personal Printer Market
1.2.7 The Big Three Public 3DP Companies Miss Their Mark
1.2.8 The Next Generation of 3DP Manufacturing Systems
1.3 The Ten Biggest Questions for 2014
1.3.1 Will the Slew Of 3D Printing IPOs Continue?
1.3.2 Will Eastern Companies Make a Splash In Western Markets?
1.3.3 Will the Big Guys Jump Into the 3DP Space?
1.3.4 Can Strides Be Made for Parts Qualification?
1.3.5 Will Patent Expirations Drive Another Round of Start-ups?
1.3.6 Will Industry Growth Rates Continue And New Profitable Opportunities Reveal Themselves?
1.3.7 Can High-Grade Thermoplastics Become Viable Metal Substitutes?
1.4 New Printing Processes Promise New Growth
1.5 3DP Software Outlook
1.5.1 Establishing Communication Standards CAD/CAM Software
1.5.2 New Opportunities In Software
1.5.3 Co-creation Software
1.6 Materials Overview 2014
1.6.1 New Materials Outlook
1.7 Thinking About 3DP as a Collection of Many Technologies
1.8 Competition or Co-Opetition?
1.9 How Governments are Playing the 3DP Game
1.9.1 Funding In the U.S.
1.9.2 Funding In China
1.9.3 Funding In Europe
1.10 The Five Biggest Markets for 3D Printing
1.11 Other Opportunities For AM
1.11.1 Architecture
1.11.2 Design Industry Applications
1.11.3 Consumer Products
1.11.4 Nano-Materials Development and Qualification
1.12 Summary Forecasts

Chapter Two: The Aerospace Market for AM
2.1 The AM Value Proposition for Aerospace
2.1.1 Weight and Lead Time Reduction are Key Value Drivers
2.2 Assessing the “Sweet Spots” of Current 3DP Equipment
2.2.1 FDM and SL Processes
2.2.2 Plastic Laser Sintering Processes
2.2.3 Metal Powder Laser Sintering Processes
2.3 Opportunities In the Commercial Aerospace Industry
2.3.1 Cabin Components
2.3.2 Hinges and Brackets
2.3.3 Pressurized Lines
2.3.4 Airducts
2.3.5 Housing Components
2.3.6 Engine Components
2.3.7 Wing Spar Components
2.4 Opportunities In Military/Defense Aerospace Industry
2.4.1 Missiles
2.4.2 Military Aircraft and the JSF
2.4.3 UAVs
2.5 Opportunities In Space Applications
2.5.1 Satellites
2.5.2 Mars Rover Mission
2.5.3 Rockets
2.5.4 Printing In Space
2.6 New Materials
2.7 Getting 3DP Parts Onto the Next-Generation Commercial Planes
2.8 Renewed Interest in Non-Powder Bed Based Processes
2.9 Model-Based Enterprise
2.10 In-Situ Monitoring Systems Are Key for Aerospace
2.11 Will 3D Printing Change the Structure of the Aerospace Industry?
2.12 10-Year Forecasts For Aerospace Products

Chapter Three: The Medical Market for AM
3.1 Medical Modeling
3.2 Cutting Guides and Patient Specific Instruments
3.2.1 Measured Benefits of 3DP PSIs and Surgical Models
3.2.2 Recent Recall of the Shape Match Cutting Guide
3.3 3DP-Enabled Customization Ushers Next Level of Orthopedic Implants
3.3.1 Other Opportunities In Orthopedic Implants
3.3.2 The Role Osseointegration Plays In the Rise of 3DP Implants
3.3.3 Lattice Software
3.3.4 High-Grade Plastics In Orthopedic Implants
3.4 Bio-Printing Markets
3.5 Markets for 3DP Prosthetics
3.6 3DP Hearing Aid Component Market
3.7 Medical Equipment Hardware/ Prototypes Component Market
3.8 Medical Materials Outlook
3.9 3DP In the Operating Room: Fact or Fiction?
3.10 How Will Regulatory Bodies Treat Orthopedic Implants?
3.11 10-Year Forecasts for Medical Products

Chapter Four: The Dental Market for AM
4.1 The Advantages 3DP Brings to the Dental Industry
4.2 3DP Aligns With Trends In the Dental Industry
4.3 3DP Dental In Emerging Economies
4.3.1 3DP With Face Complications Gaining Market Share In The Short-Term
4.3.2 Flexible 3DP Dental Solutions are Key to Driving Adoption In the Dental Industry
4.4 3DP Is an Advantaged Substitute to CNC-Based Manufacturing Systems
4.5 Opportunities In Dental Models
4.5.1 Materials Opportunities In Dental Modeling
4.6 Opportunities In Lost Wax Models
4.7 Opportunities In Dental Temporaries
4.8 Drill Guides
4.9 Orthodontic Aligners
4.10 3D-Printing Brings a New Meaning to Customized Dental Solutions
4.11 10-Year Forecasts For Dental Products

Chapter Five: The Automotive Market for AM
5.1 AM Driving Innovation
5.2 3DP Continues To Augment Functional Prototyping Activities
5.2.1 Improvements Coming Down the Pipeline
5.2.2 Infusing Workforces With a Renewed Creativity
5.3 Realizing Flexible Supply Chains With 3D-Printed Tooling
5.3.1 Opportunities for Large Format Sand 3DP Equipment In Rapid Automotive Tooling
5.4 3DP’s Effect on the Auto Replacement Part Supply Chain
5.5 Performance Automotive Opportunities
5.6 Customization Opportunities for Luxury Vehicles
5.7 10-Year Forecasts for Automotive Products

Chapter Six: Personal/Educational Markets for AM
6.1 A Shifting Personal Printer Landscape
6.2 Understanding the Divide Between the Big Three Personal Printing Companies and the Little Guys
6.3 Crowd Sourcing Role In the Personal Printer Market
6.4 What Is the Magic Price Point for Personal 3DP?
6.5 Opportunities In SL Personal Printers
6.6 Opportunities In Personal 3DP Peripherals
6.6.1 Personal 3DP Scanners
6.6.2 “Killer” Apps
6.6.3 3DP Pens
6.7 Opportunities In Personal Printing Materials
6.8 Opportunities for 3DP In Education
6.9 10-Year Forecasts for Personal Printer Products

Chapter Seven: Other Forecasts

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List of Exhibits
Exhibit 1-1: Materials Companies’ Recent Moves Into 3DP
Exhibit 1-2: New Large Format Printer Releases
Exhibit 1-3: New High Growth 3DP Technologies
Exhibit 1-4: New Opportunities In Software
Exhibit 1-5: New Materials With Large Profit Potential
Exhibit 1-6: Institutions Formed as Part of the NNMI Initiative
Exhibit 1-7: Primary Markets for 3DP Over the Next Ten Years
Exhibit 1-8: Markets for 3DP Products in the Design Industry
Exhibit 1-9: Intriguing Opportunities In Consumer Products
Exhibit 1-10: Summary Forecasts for the 3DP Market by Product Category
Exhibit 1-11: Summary Forecasts for the 3DP Market By Industry
Exhibit 1-12: Total Printers Sold by Application (Number of Systems)
Exhibit 1-13: Total 3DP Equipment Market By Printer Class (%)
Exhibit 1-14: Total Printers Sold by Industry (Number of Systems)
Exhibit 2-1: Value Drivers for the AM Industry
Exhibit 2-2: Factors Limiting the Addressable Market for Metal Powder Bed 3DP Parts
Exhibit 2-3: Addressable Market for Metal Powder Bed AM Parts
Exhibit 2-4: Engine Components Suitable for 3DP Manufacturing
Exhibit 2-5: Total 3DP Aerospace Market
Exhibit 2-6: Aerospace Printers Sold By Printer Category (Number of Systems)
Exhibit 3-1: Major Commercially Available PSI Systems
Exhibit 3-2: Advantages of 3DP PSI Implementation
Exhibit 3-3: Other Orthopedic Implants Being Explored By 3DP
Exhibit 3-4: Advantages of High-Grade Plastics Over Titanium
Exhibit 3-5: Bio-Printing Commercialization Timeline
Exhibit 3-6: Benefits 3D Printing Can Bring To the Prosthetics Market
Exhibit 3-7: Total 3DP Medical Market
Exhibit 3-8: Medical Printers Sold By Printer Category (Number of Systems)
Exhibit 4-1: Global Trends In the Dental Industry
Exhibit 4-2: Forces Affecting Short-Term Adoption of 3DP In Dental
Exhibit 4-3: Benefits of 3D Printing Temporaries Over CNC Milling
Exhibit 4-4: Benefits of Producing Wax Printers
Exhibit 4-5: 3DP Dental Implant Categories
Exhibit 4-6: Total 3DP Dental Market
Exhibit 4-7: Dental Printers Sold By Printer Category (Number of Systems)
Exhibit 5-1: Tooling Applications for Different 3DP Processes
Exhibit 5-2: Total 3DP Auto Market
Exhibit 5-3: Auto Printers Sold By Printer Category (Number of systems)
Exhibit 6-1: Benefits of PLA in the Personal and Education Markets
Exhibit 6-2: Main Opportunities for 3DP in Education
Exhibit 6-3: Total 3DP Personal/Education Market
Exhibit 6-4: Personal/Education Printers Sold By Printer Category (Number of Systems)
Exhibit 7-1: Total 3DP “Other” Market
Exhibit 7-2: Other Printers Sold By Printer Category (Number of Systems)

In 2013, 3D printing grew up.  World-class manufacturers shifted their 3D printing focus from rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing; Some of largest consumer firms – Amazon, HP, Microsoft, Staples and UPS – began to pursue 3D opportunities; New commercialization directions for 3D-printed medical and dental implants and prosthetics accelerated.  Meanwhile, the IPO and M&A acquisition activity continued apace.

In this report, SmarTech provides an insider perspective on the latest 3D printing opportunities in this dynamic market environment.  We pinpoint where the smart money will go in the 3D printing sector and how firms will be changing their business models and processes to profit from 3D printing.

“3D Printing 2014: A Survey of SmarTech’s Annual Market Findings” begins with a thorough assessment of the 3D printing business climate in 2014, including an analysis of how things are changing in the materials space.  It also evaluates the product/market strategies of the leading 3D printer firms: the ones that SmarTech sees shaping the 3D printing industry going forward.

The report then continues with 10-year projections and market analysis for all the leading sectors in which 3D printing is being deployed.  Applications areas covered include:  medical, dental, aerospace, automotive, and personal/educational.  The reader of this report will find an application-by-application assessment of the opportunities for 3D printing including comprehensive and granular ten-year forecasts of hardware, software, and services.  Among the questions that this report answers are:

  • How quickly is 3D printing really being adopted in key sectors such as medical, dental, aerospace?  And what will be 3D printing’s disruptive effects be as it penetrates these markets?
  • What kinds of innovative business models will become prevalent as 3D printing moves forward across the economy? How will the 3D printing value chain evolve?  Which parts of the 3D printing industry will consolidate, and what types of new businesses will be created?
  • When will the big names in electronics step in to the 3D printing sector? And how will intellectual property law need to evolve to accommodate the 3D printing revolution?

SmarTech is the only firm completely dedicated to industry analysis in the 3D printing sector.  As such, we have a unique understanding of new revenue generation, technology status, and strategic impact across the whole 3D printing sector.

“3D Printing 2014: A Survey of SmarTech’s Annual Market Findings” is designed for all forward thinking and innovative marketing, business development, and financial executives who need to understand where future business opportunities are headed.  The objective of this report is to provide essential input to senior executives making marketing, business development, and investment decisions in the rapidly evolving 3D printing business.