Published March 2017
Report # SMP-3DP-JEWEL17-0317

3D printing finds is finding its way into just about every aspect of jewelry manufacturing, due to the widespread adoption of CAD software among jewelry designers.  Annual revenues from 3D-printed hardware, materials, services and software used in the jewelry industry is expected to top $900 Million in 2026.  Even in traditional jewelry manufacturing with vulcanized.....

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Published October 2016
Report # SMP-3DP-ELECTR-1016

Although R&D facilities in the electronics industry have been using 3D printing for more than a decade, since 2015 3DP has begun to be mainstreamed for electronics applications. SmarTech is seeing a growing interest in using 3DP for customized circuitry and sensors, and in the longer term for wide- area electronics. In addition, there is.....

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Published March 2015
Report # SMP-3D-PM-0315

SmarTech believes that 3D printing of gold, silver, platinum and precious metal alloys will present important opportunities for the 3D printing community in the near future. 3D printing has been of growing importance in the jewelry industry for a decade and we are about see 3D printing enter new territory; directly fabricated jewelry, timepiece components, and.....

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