Published December 2018
Report # SMP-2019 AMMO

Additive manufacturing in 2018 continued to become a centerpiece for digital transformation strategies from leading innovators across industries worldwide. But unlike years past where the discussions in the industry were on how to achieve long term goals, in 2018 a number of significant engagements and strides were achieved or revealed. Auto manufacturers reported success in.....

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Published January 2017
Report # SMP-AM-KI-2017

The legacy of 3D printing and additive manufacturing continued to be established throughout 2016, which will no doubt go down in history as one of the most pivotal years ever for 3D technologies. The massive influx of competitive forces into the hardware, software, and materials for 3D printing markets has set the stage for the.....

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Published November 2015
Report # SMP-AM-AROF-1115

Additive manufacturing continued its rapid expansion in 2015, with key adopting industries investing significantly in research and development projects, hardware, and expertise. This activity has continued to advance solutions and applications for various print technologies for prototyping, tooling, and most importantly final part manufacturing. In this report, SmarTech provides exclusive and never before possible access to key.....

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Published May 2014
Report # SMP-3D-AMF-0514

In 2013, 3D printing grew up.  World-class manufacturers shifted their 3D printing focus from rapid prototyping to rapid manufacturing; Some of largest consumer firms – Amazon, HP, Microsoft, Staples and UPS – began to pursue 3D opportunities; New commercialization directions for 3D-printed medical and dental implants and prosthetics accelerated.  Meanwhile, the IPO and M&A acquisition activity.....

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Published November 2013
Report # SMP-3D-LVM-1113

In this report, SmarTech identifies the opportunities emerging for the 3D printing industry from short-run manufacturing.  Already many rapid prototyping firms have moved in this direction, producing tens, hundreds or even thousands of a particular part or model. As we see it, 3D printing has a special role to play in the low-volume manufacturing space.  It brings.....

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Published July 2013
Report # SMP-3D-HHS-0713

3D printing, actually a technology with a fairly long history, is suddenly being touted as a dramatic new market opportunity.  President Obama mentioned 3D printing in his State of the Union speech as a way to revitalize the US manufacturing sector.  Meanwhile, industry journalists insist that the “Maker” movement is the next Home Brew Computer.....

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