Published August 2015
Report # SMP-AM-SURG-0815

3D printing is extremely well suited for surgical planning and modeling and has seen significant penetration to date through patient-specific printed models and surgical guides or tools. Primary market opportunities explored in detail in this report include printed anatomical models, which are advancing into a new hierarchical value structure thanks to use of low cost.....

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Published May 2015
Report # SMP-3D-DENTAL-0515

The dental industry is transforming into a fully-digital one quicker than most dentists imagined, and 3D technologies are completely altering the way in which dental solutions can be approached thanks to its ability to print a variety of complex shapes on demand, in a variety of applicable materials, in significant volumes. No other industry currently.....

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Published February 2015
Report # SMP-3D-MM-0215

In this report SmarTech identifies the main opportunities for 3D printing in the medical environments.  It identifies where money is being made through the current use of 3D printers in this area and shows where the revenue streams will be found in the future.  It also identifies current technical weaknesses in 3D printing and where.....

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Published January 2014
Report # SMP-BPM-0114

Bio-printing is a young but emerging field of study, whose ramifications are increasingly commercial. Promises of 3D-printed organs may catch the attention of the media, but the time has come for the wider market to take notice as well. More imminent applications of bio-printing technology will drive growth and galvanize bio-printing into a real industry.....

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Published December 2013
Report # SMP-3D-MDM-1213

3D printing has already found substantial traction in the dental implant and hearing aid business and SmarTech believes that the prospects for many other uses of 3D printing in the medical/dental market are rosy.  There are numerous applications in the healthcare field where highly customized products, such as implants, must be created quickly.  3D printing fits such.....

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