SmarTech Polymer Additive Manufacturing Research And Advisory Service

  • Polymer 3D printer hardware unit sales by technology, end user industry, and geography
  • Polymer 3D printer hardware installation count by technology, end-user industry, and geography
  • Polymer hardware value by technology, end user industry, and geography
  • Polymer material shipments in weight by form factor, family, and geography
  • Polymer material shipments by end user industry, form factor, and family
  • Polymer material revenues by form factor, family and geographic region
  • Polymer material revenues by end user industry, form factory, and family
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Additive manufacturing (AM) of polymers is where the 3D printing industry began. But this sector is profoundly changing as it shifts from a prototyping role to creating parts in healthcare, aerospace, automotive, and other industries. New polymers are now being 3D printed with technologies like material extrusion, photopolymerization, and powder bed fusion. The control of the materials supply chain is shifting from printer OEMs who have developed tight machine/material relationships to offer repeatable prototyping and tooling applications, to the global chemical and polymer manufacturing materials suppliers of the world as a desire for production parts is now stronger than ever. PAEK polymers, thermoplastic composites, polypropylene, elastomers, and various thermosetting polymers are all now being explored by multiple print technologies.

The SmarTech Polymer Manufacturing Research and Advisory Service is the industry’s premier analyst service for companies looking to maximize their success in the market. Providing clients with regularly updated forecasts, analysis of key market and technology trends, company announcements and access to tier one market analysts, SmarTech’s services are used by companies all over the world.

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