Charlottesville, Virginia: SmarTech Markets Publishing today announced the release of a new white paper titled, “Revolutionizing Healthcare: How 3D Printing is Creating New Business Opportunities.” The white paper shows where the money will be made in the 3D-printed medical market that SmarTech forecasts will reach around $715 million by 2020.

This White Paper is available for free and can be found at

This White Paper is based on the industry analysis in SmarTech’s comprehensive report on medical 3DP. Details of this report — “3D Printing in Medical Markets 2015: An opportunity Analysis and Ten-Year Forecast” can be found at

About the White Paper

SmarTech’s analysis of the overall market for non-dental medical applications in 3D printing reveals an exciting future ahead for the segment, where printers, imaging technology, and modeling all come together to create a value greater than the sum of these individual parts.

In this White Paper, SmarTech discusses the unique business opportunities that exist for 3D printing in the medical industry and the future evolution of 3D printing technology for healthcare applications. Among the topics covered are:

The growing influence of 3D printing in medicine
3D-printing enabled medicine
Matching 3D print technology to medical market needs
Creating market value in medical markets with 3D printing
The revolutionary future for 3D-printed medicine.
Leading 3D printer companies such as 3D Systems, Arcam, Materialise, and others have already capitalized on applying both 3D printing technology and services to medical applications.

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Lawrence Gasman