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SmarTech Announces the Availability of Three New Reports on 3D Printing in Medicine

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Charlottesville, Virginia:  SmarTech Markets Publishing, the specialist 3D printing industry analyst firm based here, has just announced the publication of three new reports on 3D printing for medical applications.  These reports identify where the opportunities are to be found in “additive medicine” over the next decade.  The three areas covered in this report are Implants, Prosthetics and Medical Modeling.

3D-Printed Medical Implant Markets: Orthopedic and Other Applications:  By 2020, SmarTech believes that revenues from 3D-printed medical implants will reach $3.5 Billion.

SmarTech thinks that sufficient trials have now been performed for the

more common 3DP orthopedic and medical implant procedures to achieve widespread commercial success. Also 3D-printed implant applications are rapidly expanding into knee, spinal, shoulder, and other implants to serve specialty cases where traditional treatments would fail. In this report we examine how money will be made in this space, evolving supply chains and who the main players will be.

For more on this report:

3D Printed Medical Prosthetics Markets:  3D-printed prosthetics has served as the poster boy for 3D printing in medicine for quite some time. Started by grass roots movements to provide functional hands to young amputees, the segment is quickly burgeoning into commercial significance through expanding applications in other prostheses types. SmarTech also sees significant growing value in the closely related areas of printed orthotic devices for posture correction, fracture healing, and also includes niche medical markets for vision correction and hearing aids into one report.

In this report we discuss the reality of value creation and market strategies in the 3D-printed prosthetics space, with coverage of the expanding areas of lower extremity prosthetics, orthotics, and ophthalmic applications in 3D printing.

Revenues from 3D-printed prosthetics, orthotics, and ophthalmic applications are expected to reach $310 million by 2020. More on this report can be found at:

Opportunities for Additive Manufacturing in Surgical Planning and Modeling: 3D printing is extremely well suited for surgical planning and modeling and has seen significant penetration to date through patient-specific printed models and surgical guides or tools. And by 2020, SmarTech expects that revenues generated from this area will reach $644 million in value of printed components alone.  This report shows how the surgical planning business is evolving into a fully detailed market segment utilizing 3D printed custom components. It also discusses who the participants are and who will be the winners and losers.

Some of the medical modeling and planning applications where SmarTech sees a strong potential for 3DP include student and patient education, surgical tools to enhance patient outcomes, and anatomic modeling to expand the ability for professionals to treat difficult cases and increase the efficiency of many common procedures.  More on this report can be found at

About SmarTech:
SmarTech Markets Publishing is the leading provider of market research and industry analysis in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector.  See more:

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