Opportunities in Aluminum Additive Manufacturing

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February 26, 2018

SmarTech Issues New Report Addressing Opportunities in Aluminum Additive Manufacturing

Crozet Virginia:  Industry analyst firm SmarTech Publishing has just issued a new report that examines the opportunities in aluminum additive manufacturing (AM). SmarTech expects the market for aluminum alloys in AM to become a major segment in metal 3D printing, with materials revenues alone topping $300 million by 2028.

The penetration of AM into global manufacturing industries for higher batch production also carries along a shift from high-cost/top performance alloys such as titanium and nickel superalloys toward more affordable materials that can still offer adequate performance in larger batches. Aluminum is expected to be among the key materials in the shift toward larger batch production of mass goods.

Additional details of the report titled, “Markets for Aluminum Alloys in Additive Manufacturing: 2018 To 2028” are available at: https://www.smartechanalysis.com/reports/markets-aluminum-alloys-additive-manufacturing-2018-2028/

About the Report:

In this new report, SmarTech Publishing maps and quantifies the use of aluminum alloys in AM. The report differentiates between alloys that were originally developed for die-casting applications (and are now being optimized for AM) and a new family of AM-specific alloys such as the popular new Scalmalloy supplied by APWorks (Airbus) and its global partners.  The report further breaks down its analysis and forecasts to specific alloy aluminum alloy families (Al7xxx, Al6xxx, Al2xxx and even AL1xxx) that leading companies are using or developing for AM applications.

Leveraging its extensive and growing database of AM technologies and AM materials, SmarTech Publishing precisely breaks down the Aluminum AM landscape into major applications driving the use of aluminum alloys such as Aerospace, Automotive, AM Service Bureaus, Oil &Gas, Consumer Products, Medical and Jewelry and the specific applications for which first adopters have demonstrated the cost-effectiveness of the AM process.

By conducting interviews with major stakeholders and adopters in the global markets for AM and aluminum, the specifics of technological and material science evolutions are further analyzed throughout this study and culminate in the most up-to-date market forecast projections specific to aluminum-based additive manufacturing processes. SmarTech Publishing is pleased to present the only comprehensive market research guide to one of the most interesting areas of additive manufacturing.

  • Ten-year aluminum AM opportunity and market data forecasts in volume and value terms: Material consumption by hardware technology, adoption market segment, application and alloy type
  • Analysis and description of all major AM technologies (present and expected to be available soon) for processing aluminum alloys
  • A detailed description of the most significant stakeholders in the aluminum alloy AM market including material suppliers and major adopters
  • The latest competitive analysis to reflect the rapidly evolving landscape in which major global aluminum AM users are now increasingly interfacing directly with material suppliers.

About SmarTech Publishing:

Since 2013 SmarTech Publishing has published reports on all the important revenue opportunities in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector and is considered the leading industry analyst firm providing coverage of this sector.

Our company has a client roster that includes the largest 3D printer firms, materials firms and investors.  We have also published reports on most of the important revenue opportunities in the 3D printing sector including personal printers, low-volume manufacturing, 3D printing materials, medical/dental applications, aerospace, automotive, and other promising 3D market segments.

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