Senior Business Analyst Ian Forsyth recently participated in an article for Advanced Manufacturing Insights. Along with Ian, Janos Veres of PARC, Misfit Wearbles founder Sonny Vu, and IBM Vice President Paul Brody offer their insight into the opportunities and challenges facing the wearable electronics industry. Says Paul Brody “Wearables are a solution in search of a problem.”

Ian addresses the opportunity for 3D printing in customized wearable electronics components. He sees bespoke components 3d printed to fit the contours and tastes of the individual consumers. His vision is similar to the 3D printed modules we have seen in the recent unveilings of the Google Ara project. Ian also shares SmarTech’s market forecasts for the wearable electronics market, which amount to $8 billion by 2018.

The full article can be found here.