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SmarTech Publishing Announces Automotive Industry Producing Record Volumes in 3D Printing, Worth $1.1 Billion By 2019

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Charlottesville, VA 

In it’s soon-to-be-released report, “Additive Manufacturing Opportunities in the Automotive Industry: A 10 Year Forecast,” SmarTech Markets Publishing will identify the key opportunities that are opening up for 3D printing (3DP)/additive manufacturing (AM) in the automotive industry. “Additive Automotive” is expected to generate $1.1 billion dollars in revenues by 2019.

The report will be released on December 15, 2014 and more details can be found at

About the Report
“Additive Manufacturing Opportunities in the Automotive Industry: A 10 Year Forecast” is the latest report on advanced manufacturing from SmarTech. The report is authored by Senior Analyst Scott Dunham, a seasoned industry analyst in the 3D printing business, who has been covering the space for years.   This report compliments SmarTech’s report on additive manufacturing in the Aerospace from March 2014.

The rapid advancement in adoption of 3DP/AM has led SmarTech to create a specific customer adoption model for 3D printing in the automotive industry to provide a template to track how the automotive industry is advancing its use of the technology.  This report contains granular ten-year forecasts of “additive automotive” revenues, which are based on this sophisticated analysis.

The report also discusses the revenue generation that will occur as the automotive industry makes its journey from 3DP prototyping to 3DP rapid manufacturing. It also includes a market analysis and forecast of the 3DP materials that will be consumed by the automotive industry over the coming decade, as well as an assessment of the impact of 3DP on the automotive supply chain.

From the Report:
The automotive industry is the leading producer of 3D printed prototype parts, with several manufacturers producing over 100,000 prototype parts and additively manufactured molds per year.

Until recently the automotive industry has seemed content with using the technology for low volume prototypes.  However, over the past three years, a variety of leading automotive manufacturers have greatly advanced their use of 3DP technology, both in print volumes and by moving 3D printing into more significant roles within the greater manufacturing environment.

These leaders are bringing the rest of the industry with them into the next evolution of 3D printing in automotive. Revenues from the sale of 3D printers to the automotive industry will reach $586 million by 2019.

Naturally, higher print volumes also mean a rapid increase in materials revenues generated from the use of 3D printers from the automotive industry, which will reach $376 million by 2019. Thermoplastics and photopolymers continue to the lead the way in material revenues, however by pure volume sand will grow at a very rapid pace for the production of sand molds to cast test parts for engine development.

Other applications in automotive are also showing promising developments, including a significant amount of development and research from startups related to cars made from a majority of 3D printed parts.  Meanwhile, the laggards in the automotive is quickly move to catch up to the latest trends in manufacturing, and leaders expand their in-house fleets of printers to accommodate more and more advanced functional and conceptual prototypes.

About SmarTech
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