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SmarTech Publishing: Revenue for 3D Printing from the Oil and Gas Industry to Reach $450 million by 2021

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Charlottesville, Virginia:  The recent announcement by GE Oil and Gas that it has begun 3D printing end burners for gas turbine combustion chambers emphasizes the growing role of additive manufacturing in the oil and gas industry.

In its new report, “Additive Manufacturing Opportunities in Oil & Gas Markets 2016: A Ten-Year Forecast,” SmarTech Publishing projects that in 2021, revenues from the oil and gas industry will bring US $450 million to the 3D printing sector and that this will grow to around US $1.4 billion by 2025.

SmarTech Publishing’s new report is the only comprehensive study that provides a complete understanding of the important advantages that 3DP can bring to firms in the oil and gas Industry.  The report also identifies the major opportunities for 3D printing over the next decade, based on specific dynamics of the global oil and gas business.  This report shows where the money will be made and lost as the Oil and Gas Industry rise to meet these challenges.

3D Printing from the Oil & Gas Industry

Inside the Report

• A comprehensive analysis of the oil and gas industry and its current operating structure specifically as it relates to adoption of various 3DP technologies, software, and services.  This analysis utilizes SmarTech Publishing’s proprietary 3DP adoption model for the oil and gas industry, designed to gauge current and future use of 3DP.  The report also shows how challenges in the field are matched with potential opportunities for printed parts, models, and tooling

• Ten-year forecasts of the revenues that can be expected from this interesting sector.  These projections cover all relevant technologies, materials, and estimations of printed part volumes.  The data in the report will provide improved understanding of what is truly capable with 3DP in the oil and gas industry, as well as a detailed exploration of potential areas of application in order to jump-start internal research and development activities within the Industry.

• Case studies of what firms are already achieving from deploying 3D printing in the oil and gas industry.  The reader of this report will also gain a better understanding of how 3DP will make a transition to oil and gas industry use and how the industry will use 3DP especially for printed metal components and increasing opportunities for large print volumes

• Guidance on how 3DP firms can help message their products for the oil and gas industry and how to get the Industry behind 3DP

This report details the most comprehensive collection of areas of exploration for 3DP in specific oil and gas equipment, systems, and sectors from upstream to midstream and beyond
GE is already printing a variety of metal components for use in its oil and gas operations, while oilfield services companies such as Halliburton are actively exploring the use cases for both rapid prototyping as well as field production of parts.  Advocates of AM at these companies believe that 3D printing has the potential to radically alter the cost structure of oil exploration and drilling operations.

A Vital Strategic Guide to 3DP in the Oil and Gas Industry

Given the importance that these major players in the oil and gas Industry are placing on 3DP, SmarTech Publishing believes that it is time for marketing and business development executives at 3DP hardware and materials firms to examine the new revenue streams that oil and gas applications could mean for their companies.  This report will help them meet this objective.

The report is also meant to be read by professionals in oil and gas Industry to help it better understand the opportunities that AM can bring to the Industry.  SmarTech Publishing also believes that this report will be invaluable reading to firms that actively involve in investment in either the Oil and Gas Industry, or 3DP or both.

About SmarTech Analysis

Since 2013 SmarTech Analysis has published reports on all the important revenue opportunities in the 3D printing/additive manufacturing sector and is considered the leading industry analyst firm providing coverage of this sector. Our company has a client roster that includes the largest 3D printer firms, materials firms and investors in the 3DP/AM sector.

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