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Senior Analyst Ian Forsyth was recently featured on NPR, giving his take on 3D printing’s effects on the commercial and performance automotive industries. Check it out!

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Senior analyst Ian Forsyth recently discussed his take on 3D printing / additive manufacturing for the automotive industry. Ian spoke with Carrie Young, a reporter with KJZZ out of Pheonix, AZ about the opportunities and challenges of 3D printing automotive parts. The bit aired on NPR on July 17th, 2014.

3DP Effects Automotive


Ian’s voice joined Local Motors Engineer James Earl’s and Oak Ridge National Labs Researcher Lonnie Love’s to discuss the ramifications of the first functional 3D printed car chassis. Ian states that there are a lot of opportunities within the automotive industry for 3D printed parts that weight less and are more aerodynamic. However, he also states that he sees the performance automotive secotr as the primary beneficiary of this advanced technology, since they require high value, low volume parts that better fit the build specs of current 3D printers.


You can check out the entire interview here! (Skip to 2:50 for Ian’s part)

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