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Medical Additive Manufacturing Opportunities 2018-2023

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We continue to identify the application of 3D printing technology to medical treatments as one of the biggest technological innovations in healthcare over the next thirty years. In particular, SmarTech Publishing is active in quantifying medical 3D printing market opportunities in the shorter term, through the coming decade. During this period, 3DP is likely to see adoption for medical treatment purposes, and such applications are expected to drive a significant portion of the global 3DP market opportunity.

The total aggregated medical 3D printing opportunities are expected to reach $4 billion in total by 2023, growing from just over $1.5 billion at the end of 2018. SmarTech Publishing takes a market-based approach to creating forecasting and market data tracking models in 3D printing rather than attempting to model the entire cross-market industry size with a single approach. However, with a current market size of over $1.5 billion in total opportunities, medical related 3D printing is likely to account for nearly 15 percent of the total 3D printing industry today.

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