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Demystifying Euromold 2014 – The Most Impactful New Products and Announcements Analyzed (Part 4)

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At long last, we arrive at our fourth and final installment of Demystifying Euromold – SmarTech’s analysis of all the biggest new products and 3D printing news to come out of Euromold 2014.

In all reality, I could probably write another four blogs on happenings at Euromold. Afterall, it is one of the defining events for the additive manufacturing industry. There’s plenty that we haven’t been able to talk about, so I invite anyone with questions or comments to contact us on Twitter (@SmarTechPublish).

Before reading more, check out Part 1Part 2, and Part 3 of the series published earlier this week, which feature analysis of activity from 3D Systems, Stratasys, Prodways, EOS, voxeljet, and Renishaw.

In part four, the last two vendors making the cut for our blog are Concept Laser and Solidscape, each of whom brought new products to show off this year –although the two could not be more different. Let’s get to it.


Concept Laser’s New M2 Cusing System Will Feature Dynamic Melt Pool Monitoring System

If the headline above is any indication, it’s not so much that Concept Laser is bringing out a new metal additive manufacturing system. It’s that they’re going to be one of the first to include highly sought after features for production of end-use metal parts in the aerospace (and other) industries; built-in process control features to monitor the melt pool for parts fabricated from metal powder.

The M2 is in the mid-range for Concept Laser systems, and it’s impressive even beyond the new process control features. A new fully integrated filtration system, dual laser capability for increased speed, and the ability to utilize advanced exposure strategies to increase speed without sacrificing surface finish are all features that would put the M2 near the top of the market on their own.

But it’s the ‘QMmeltpool 3D’ feature that’s going to be the biggest selling point for the M2 in my opinion. Being able to monitor the build process in real time and capture data is the foundation for being able to verify components are able to meet the exacting standards of high value applications in aerospace, automotive, medical, and other industries where additive manufacturing will thrive. This is the single biggest barrier to more widespread adoption in the aerospace industry, and it looks as though Concept Laser might have the first integrated solution that puts a serious dent in challenges associated with process control in AM.

Concept Laser also announced two newly qualified materials, including Inconel 625 and Stainless Steel 17-4 PH.

Concept Laser Overall Euromold Impact Level: Very Significant


Solidscape Networking its Printers, Offering New All-In-One Enclosure Accessory

Solidscape is a company that often gets passed over since its inclusion as a Stratasys subsidiary, but the company is still working to innovate its industry-leading wax printer products.

At Euromold 2014, Solidscape introduced a product of a slightly different vein – the Solidscape Base. The Base is an enclosure and storage cabinet designed for use with all Solidscape 3Z printers, and it adds some useful features for users of its products. The enclosure is meant to store the printer, as well as all the consumables associated with operation including material, build plates, and other tools. Also featured is an integrated dust and particle filter.

The bigger news from Solidscape is its new software for remote monitoring and control of devices. Not only can this increase user’s ability to control their printers, but it also will reportedly allow Solidscape dealers and maintenance technicians to remote directly into a system that is having trouble to resolve issues remotely.

In terms of shaking up the industry, there’s not a lot here to get excited about, but it is interesting to see the development of networked 3D printers. Solidscape faces a lot more competition these days with the development of lower cost technologies aimed at similar applications, so the need for continued innovation is obviously not being ignored. In the grand scheme of Euromold, however, what Solidscape brought to the table was relatively tame.

Solidscape Overall Euromold Impact Level: Less Significant


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