Published June 2018
Report # SMP-AM-AUTO-0618

In 2016, SmarTech Publishing released the most complete and thorough analysis and forecast of  automotive additive manufacturing. Two years later many new events have continued to propel the use of 3D printing technology into the future of automotive production. This new 200-page 2018 report confirms the 2016 forecast, while also expanding it  with new high-value.....

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Published September 2016
Report # SMP-AM-AUTO-0916

As the 3D printing industry at large continues to transition towards a manufacturing technology, one of the top targets for vertically-integrating print solutions developers is the automotive industry. With an enormous global manufacturing footprint, the automotive industry is both one of the most historically well established users of classic 3D printing technology for rapid prototyping,.....

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Published December 2014
Report # SMP-AM-AUTO-1214

Automotive manufacturers were among the earliest adopters of additive manufacturing/3D printing (3DP) technology, but for decades have relegated 3D printing technology to low volume prototyping applications, while other industries have taken additive manufacturing to new levels. But today, an explosion of growth in utilization of 3D printing from automotive manufacturers is powering an evolution in automobile.....

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